If you’re either starting a business from scratch, or have one underway – then one of the best options for funding is venture capitalist, banker or angel investor. The question is, with the plenitude of newcomers into the business sphere, how do you stand out from the bunch? The short answer is simple: write a great business plan that stands heads and shoulders above the others. In the following, we will show where to begin.

Business Plan Contents

The overall point of a business plan is to show investors that your business idea is both profitable enough and sustainable to recoup their investment – plus, of course, an additional return. With that in mind, your document should contain the following:

  • You will need an executive summary of the gist of your plan – keep this under a couple of pages.  
  • Pen a history of your company – this can be a bit longer; but don’t get boggled down in minutiae.  
  • What produces and/or services do you wish to promote? Go into what differentiates them from similar products currently on the market, and highlight any competitive advantages your own brainchild possesses.  
  • Conduct a market analysis to gauge the competition by the numbers. How do you expect to grab market share, and at what cost? Look for figures denoting the projected growth of the industry in question.  
  • The selling plan is paramount to success; in both acquiring investment opportunities, and of course in getting your product out of the gate. Denote any intended milestones in your business plan – such as when you plan to sell 10,000 units (for example).  
  • Introduce the management team to the prospective investor. What is their educational pedigree, industry accomplishments/resume, and length of time in that sector.  
  • The financial plan is your most mathematical part, and it might be fitting to hire a professional for this. It should detail cash flow, profits, sales, equipment costs, etc.  

The experts at OneClick Commercial Funding can help you make a sound business plan that conveys clarity, a well fleshed-out concept, and displays an undeniable profitability. Let us help you realize your dreams of business success through investment; give us a call.