Many people arrive at work with the intention of being as productive as possible. However, distractions and procrastination soon cause them to stray far from their goals. Regardless of your specific schedule, working style, and personality, here are some tips on how you can make your working day more productive.

Organize Your Desk

The appearance and organization of your work-space can either energize or exhaust you. Scattered piles of paper may indicate that you are mismanaging your time or not properly delegating your workload. Normally your desk should be clear apart from what you need for current projects. One method of implementing this is to spend the last few minutes of the day preparing to get started the next morning.

Optimize Your Computer Use

It is imperative that your computer gives you optimum performance. If it seems sluggish or online tasks are taking longer than usual, ask a specialist for assistance. Have a system for handling your email inbox, which for many workers can be a time-sink. Create dedicated times throughout the day when you focus on answering emails. Divide messages into categories of those that can be handled within a minute or two and those that need to be set aside for longer replies.

Avoid Multitasking

You are biologically hardwired to have a certain amount of cognitive bandwidth, and when you multitask, you limit your ability to function efficiently. You will get more done, make fewer mistakes, increase your creativity, and be more productive if you concentrate on one thing at a time. As best you can, create a work environment that makes this possible.

Remain Accountable

Selecting a manager or colleague who can function as your accountability partner will make you more productive. To-do lists also promote accountability by keeping you on track in a step-by-step manner. Have separate lists for work and personal goals, and break large tasks down into realistic increments.

Move Around

Sitting for long periods can be counterproductive. Instead, improve your circulation and become more productive by frequently taking breaks to stand, stretch, and walk around. Maintain correct posture, get enough rest, and when you need to generate important ideas consider taking longer breaks to allow your subconscious to assist you.

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