Take Advantage of Accounts Receivable Financing

Many business models rely on taking customer payments after goods and services have been delivered – sometimes up to 90 days later. While this is convenient to customers, it can put your business at a disadvantage if those bills go unpaid.

Instead of taking a risk on customer integrity, you can turn your accounts receivable into a source of capital. OneClick Commercial Funding buys accounts receivable at a discount, taking on the risk while providing you fast and reliable cash.

What Are the Benefits?

Financing receivables comes with several benefits:

  • No personal guarantees, fixed payments or recourse
  • Get cash in as little as 24 hours
  • Free credit insurance on clients and customers
  • No worrying about arbitrary loan board decisions
  • More accounts receivable mean more funding, not more risk

With reliable capital, you’re free to invest in new opportunities, such as large or unexpected orders. Instead of waiting for payments to come in, you can be proactive and expand your company’s reach.

How Can You Get Started?

OneClick Commercial Funding provides financing opportunities to a variety of businesses, including those just getting started, those in bankruptcy and those with cashflow problems. You can use your new capital for a range of purposes, such as payroll, inventory and operating expenses. To set up a consultation with our experts at no cost, contact us today.