Equipment Leasing Solutions for Industrial Companies

Every day, roads are built and buildings are constructed using equipment that has been leased to its users. Construction tools aren’t the only kind of equipment that might necessitate a loan, though. Computers, software, and plenty of other equipment are all prime candidates for equipment leasing, and OneClick Commercial Funding has the program your business needs.

Easily Lease Equipment to Clients

Leasing equipment should be the simplest part of your project. When equipment is accessible, you boost your revenue, and everybody profits. Some of the other benefits you can expect from our equipment financing program include the following:

  • No financial statement required for applications up to $150,000
  • Several payment structures so clients can make installments on their budget
  • Minimal or no down payment required on contracts

Supplying Clients With the Equipment They Need

We understand that different companies serve different clientele, and financing is never one size fits all. Our equipment leasing options include the following:

  • Startup: For businesses that have been established less than two years, it can be daunting to take on the challenge of equipment financing. We make it easy, though, by purchasing the equipment you need and leasing it to you while you make payments. Upon completion, your business owns the equipment.
  • B, C, and D credit: For clients with subpar credit history, securing an equipment lease can be a challenge. We offer programs to help such clients obtain the financing and equipment they need, regardless of personal credit obstacles.
  • Safe & Lease Back: If you already have equipment, you can use its equity as working capital. We purchase the additional equipment you need and you lease it while making payments. When all payments are made, you own the equipment.
  • Government and Municipal: Entities such as government agencies, fire houses, schools, law enforcement, libraries, and armed services can enjoy guaranteed approval on equipment leasing.

Contact OneClick Commercial Funding to see which of our equipment financing programs is right for your needs.