Ideally, you’d love to hire a sales staff with natural abilities. Even with the basics, such as being an enthusiastic, good communicator and listener–with terrific closing skills—you still need good sales techniques training at your company. Salespeople need to work in line with your brand and understand your product line or service offering, after all. Selling for your business should be (at least slightly) different from selling at others, with certain basics consistent.

Use these sales training methods to develop your sales staff and keep them up to speed: 

  • E-learning is convenient and effective: Make sure your sales team knows your product line in detail. This gives them sales confidence and helps establish trust with prospects. Emphasize listening, rather than relentless, single-minded selling. Listen to what the customer needs and sell them appropriate solutions. 
  • Short lessons over time are easily absorbed: Use micro-learning to teach concepts in bite-size pieces. Long, drawn-out sales training can be overwhelming. Be encouraging in training and let salespeople bring their own style into the process, rather than being overly regimented about every detail.  
  • Specific praise works best: Make recognition and rewards during (and after) training explicit with respect to achievements. This ensures that the salesperson and other sales staff know what sales techniques you value most. 
  • Real-world training situations provide excellent prep: Act out typical sales scenarios and always give timely feedback after-sales and training encounters. This helps people retain the suggestions that instructors or supervisors provide.  
  • Celebrate together as part of ongoing training: Let everyone know when someone hits a goal, and let the whole team participate in the celebration. This raises morale, motivates in a positive manner, and helps show the others how it’s done.  

Selling today requires a bit more subtlety and sophistication than in the past, with fresh, new sales tactics. New methods are necessary because today’s buyers often do significant research, and are very well informed, prior to talking with sales.

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