The definitions of work and what happens it is almost ever-changing because of the times and new developments that occur. One thing that rarely changes though is the workplace itself. The old ideas of a building with some rooms and a couple of desks have stood throughout time. Studies are showing though that it’s time for some of these things to change. Not only will it benefit productivity levels, but it could increase worker’s happiness as well. Here are a few things that could help increase these things in the office.

Incorporate Nature

Being inside all day can cause your office workers to become anxious and depressed. Studies have shown that those who are able to connect with nature increase their productivity and happiness levels. Bigger corporations are placing gardens and parks throughout their premises, but smaller ones may not be able to do something so large scale. Simply adding greenery and plants throughout your offices can help this feeling, but the use of natural sunlight should be the priority.

Rearrange Layouts  

The idea that an office should be rooms or cubicles has been in place since they were created. However, today’s society is showing people that it’s better not to have the same stagnant look for everyone and their spaces. Making things as flexible as they can help one not get complacent with their work area. Moveable walls and desks that can be transformed into standing ones are just a few examples of this.

Original Designs

The design of your office can really affect one’s attitude and happiness as soon as they walk in the door. It will tell them how they are supposed to act and what they are allowed to do. People will talk with each other more because the openness of the floor layout allows it. The bright colors and uplifting messages along the walls will inspire them to keep going even if their last phone call wasn’t the greatest.

Promote Health

Promoting good health may seem like a bad idea to boost office happiness, but it’s actually one of the smartest. When your workers are healthy, they will naturally feel happier, whether it be at work or at home. Provide snacks that promote good eating habits and natural energy. Have a gym room that is open for workers to use before, during, or after the workday. It’s also wise to encourage workers to get up and stretch every now and again instead of sitting and staring at their computer all day.

Workers may or may not know the impact of what these things can do to their happiness. Applying them throughout the workplace will show you the influence they have though.