Enthusiastic, positive and confident employees tend to be more productive than ones who are drained and unhappy. Team morale can set the tone of the office. There’s no way to completely avoid work stress in the office, but there are ways office managers can work to improve team morale, even when work gets tough.

Communicate With The Team

Open communication with your team about your company’s mission and vision can help the team take ownership of their role. Keeping team members updated with information about projects and deadlines will keep them in the loop and reduce stress.

Offer Non-Economic Benefits

You may not be able to increase salary as much as you’d like, but you can give your team flexible hours and remote arrangements. Alleviate the stress of commutes and dealing with family pickups when employees can work off-site and choose their own schedule. Find ways to give employees a few perks each month when you can. Bringing in lunch every so often can help team morale and bonding.

Set Goals

Give your employees a chance to feel accomplished by giving the goals. But you want to avoid shifting goals. Set short term goals that lead to long-term goals. Adjust the short-term goals to make sure they’re achievable, but let the long-term goals stay stable.

Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle

Build team morale by encouraging your team to have a good work-life balance. Make sure your employees feel as if they can take a break for lunch or to clear their heads in the afternoon. Productivity is often increased when a person gets away from their desk for 10 to 15 minutes. Give out gym passes. Let people take PTO when they’re sick. Treat your team like adults.

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