Starting a business with as little stress as possible begins with properly delegating your needs. Insofar as the in-office equipment you’ll need, there are preexisting facilitators for this – and it begins with understanding the equipment financing process. Once you are aware of the handful of steps that are necessary, then approval for the loan you’ll need is usually moments away.

1. Submit an Application

The nearly full-scale digitization of many industries today means that you can actually submit an online application for financing of your startup equipment. You may first want to reach out to a consultant, and then have your financial documents on hand for quick referencing.

2.The Equipment Financing Agreement

Approval of your application can occur in as little as a day, so look for experienced lenders that actually promise short turn-around times. Once it comes through, you can pen your digital signature without worrying about snail mail times, and be on your way to scheduling a pick-up or delivery. Once it arrives, look it over and let the startup equipment company know that all is well.

Financing Terms

There are several financing terms available; you should go over each one with a financial expert to determine which suits your company. For example, there’s the lease-to-own option, which speaks for itself. Alternatively, you can opt for the 100% financing option, which entails monthly payments broken down evenly. If your business is in a situation such that immediate payment of the first installment is problematic – maybe you’re dealing with accounts receivables issues, or expected returns are a month or two away – then a deferred equipment startup payment plan will be excellent for you. With this one, you don’t have to put up the first installment for as long as 90 days.

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