Entrepreneurs have been mentally conditioned to believe that the route to success is to devote themselves to their business. Many people spend the whole day trying to make money and push to do more. But there’s a price to pay for busyness. The busiest people end up tired, even exhausted without the mental faculty to do more than plod through the day, stressed.

Although it can sound counterintuitive, the secret to productivity is rest. We don’t have to spend the day constantly in motion. If you want to escape the busyness of entrepreneurs, you need to take breaks.

Start With Small Steps

Doing less isn’t taking the entire day away from work mindlessly binging on your favorite Netflix program or drinking beers while watching the grass grow. To get out of the busyness mindset, start by taking 15-minute breaks every day to refresh your mind. Go for a walk. Read a book. Call a family member and talk about something besides work. Grab a cup of coffee with your colleague or mentor. Don’t talk about work.

Spend Time Reflecting

How do you keep your vision going and discover new ideas? It’s when you have time to create and dream. Carve out time in your schedule that you will spend strategizing and reflecting on where your business is going and how it’s doing. Entrepreneurs need time to refresh their vision.

Brain Intensive Work Needs Physical Balance

When you spend hours in mental work, you need to offset that by doing something physical. Restoration isn’t just rest. Keeping your body in physical shape helps you recover mental energy. It’s hard to stay mentally focused when your muscles are stressed and weakened.

Instead of living to work, change your mindset to work to live.  

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