Once your company has enjoyed some significant benefits from business expansion, it’s time to focus a little bit more on company culture, because that can be a make-or-break aspect of your business. Many companies have gone through business expansion and become flushed with success, but lacking a strong corporate culture, they quickly disintegrated into yesterday’s news. Here’s how company culture can keep the momentum going from your recent business expansion.

Reinforce Core Values

By sticking to the core values which made your company successful, you’ll have a better chance of continuing that momentum on into the future. Many companies have experienced a level of success, and have then progressed to a kind of corporate feeling, thereby losing the interpersonal relationships which fostered the original success.

Promote Culture Not Perks

There can be a fine line between the perks which are provided to employees, and the underlying corporate culture associated with them. Things like open bars and catered lunches are perks rather than company culture, which has more to do with fulfilling employee needs and desires in a meaningful way.

Recognize Cultural Champions

Whenever employees emerge who seem to embody the spirit which a company is all about, you should do your best to give these individuals a platform so they can influence others. By recognizing the potential for certain individuals to impact the masses, you might go a long way toward instilling a desirable company culture in all your employees.

Solicit Input on Cultural Strategy

To ensure that your employees are on board with company culture, you should solicit their input on the matter, asking them what they feel would make the company better. The best way to go about this is to keep such surveys anonymous so that greater candor will be provided by employees who offer their input. By paying attention to employees’ perceptions of the company, you’ll be able to achieve a better synchronization between their concept of company culture and yours.

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