Between the competing demands of customers, the staff you manage, and your own supervisor, there’s nothing easy about being a sales manager. Some struggles are so universal, however, that most of your fellow sales managers have dealt with them as well. Below are some potential solutions for pressing concerns.

Better Performance from Your Sales Team

Attracting and retaining top performers is an ongoing challenge for most sales managers. To get the most from your team, pay attention to how you coach and motivate each person. If someone doesn’t seem to respond to it well, you may need to consider changing your approach. Each salesperson should have a professional development plan that highlights opportunities for them to develop new skills and improve existing ones with the goal of future advancement. Don’t forget to revisit the professional development plan at least once a month to see what’s working well and what might require some changes.

Performing to the Expectations of Your Own Manager

Directing your sales team is an example of leading up while reporting to your own manager is leading down. Both require a written plan to help identify needs and goals to help achieve them. Your report should include pipeline, sales, and other essential metrics at a minimum. Expect your manager to question you if your team’s sales are down and be prepared to offer him or her a legitimate explanation. This is also a good time to discuss strategies for motivating your team and receive suggestions from your manager.

Know Your Own Strengths and Purpose

Everyone on the sales team should have a defined career path, including you. If you feel unfocused, stop to ask yourself what gives you energy, what motivates you about your current job, and the reason you chose to go into this line of work in the first place. Writing down your career goals for the next one to five years can help give you a clearer vision and perform better in your current role.

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