Having a partner can ease the management of your business. You can consult with one another, make use of your specialized areas of expertise, and share the burdens of responsibility. However, sometimes difficulties arise that must be dealt with. For instance, one partner might be hard-charging while the other is laid back. Here are some strategies to help you motivate a slack business partner.

Establish Mutual Goals

To create uniformity of purpose, sit down with your business partner and work out your short and long-term goals. These provide you both with motivation, help you prioritize your daily tasks, and give you a vision for the future prosperity of your company.

Create a Mission Statement

The creation of a mission statement is another unifying factor for you and your business partner. A mission statement is a succinct definition of what your company is and why it exists. It should identify your products or services, your customer demographics, and your geographic range. It provides you with a concisely-worded summary of the key concepts that motivate you both to grow your business.

Specify Areas of Responsibilities

Once you have worked out a mission statement and goals, the next step is to divide up duties according to the education, experience, areas of expertise, and personal predilections of you and your business partner. If you base your decisions on each other’s passions and strengths, you’ll both be more likely to put everything you’ve got into the work.

Ask for Assistance

Acknowledging the abilities of your partner by asking for help can be a powerful motivator. Accompanying the request with a complement lets them know that you value their skills. If possible, collaborate with your partner on planning a new project. This provides motivation, allows you to bond, and potentially increases profits and boosts growth.

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